Steel and Glass Doors: Westlake, Texas

//Steel and Glass Doors: Westlake, Texas

Steel and Glass Doors: Westlake, Texas

PentaVia Custom Homes: 2018 Home of Dreams

Looking to create a wow moment?

Two Words. Steel and GlassOr is that three…?

Steel windows and doors have been a SHOWSTOPPER in both our 2017 and 2018 Fort Worth Magazine Dream Homes. Both homes have boasted a neutral palette with white walls and light oak floors allowing the black steel to take center stage. Say goodbye to dark rooms and harsh lighting thanks to the natural light these windows provide.

We are a custom home builder in Westlake, Texas and have partnered with Steel Entry located in the DFW Metroplex to create custom steel doors and windows. Throughout our 2017 and 2018 Fort Worth Magazine Dream Homes, we were able to create these wow moments using steel – and lots of it. Our friends at Steel Entry helped our vision come to life creating natural light throughout the entire house and a bold contrast with the black steel and exterior/interior white tones.

They are an easy way to let in natural light and create a stunning visual , truly crisp look throughout the house. The black steel makes for a dramatic contrast against the light hardwood in our 2018 Dream Home. Attached are pictures of our Dream Home and favorite shots of our steel and glass magic!

BAM! A wine room that draws you in. We opted for a steel and glass built-in room underneath the stairs in order to create a wow moment. Check out the way the black stands out against the white walls/trim and the light hardwood floors. It is a beautiful way to display your collection of wine.

Easy access to the outside living through the steel and glass doors in the master bedroom. The sitting area offers 6 windows made of steel and glass for you to enjoy the view over a cup of coffee in your master suite. Not only do these doors look luxurious, they are heavy and substantial. Sure to last a lifetime!

Right after entering through the front door, you are greeted with a custom 30 foot steel and glass sliding system leading you to the outdoor living and pool area. Talk about natural light! It is impossible to walk into this beautiful home without recognizing the stellar sliding doors thaat are truly a work of art.

Want an open concept vibe in your game room + media? Second story media rooms are now few and far between. This game and media combo has a pass through window through the butler’s pantry along with a cigar lounge. The bold steel and glass windows make for a dramatic look throughout the room. The space is light and airy while still feeling substantial and almost masculine because of the black contrast.

What do you think of steel and glass? Are you a fan?

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