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The Physical Road is about intelligent design in the actual structure.

A great home is clearly more than just wood, metal, glass, and stone. Rather, the structure itself is the starting point for an unparalleled living experience. As the biggest investment you’ll likely ever make, it should feature the finest materials, the greatest reliability, and the highest energy-efficiency possible... all brought together with a degree of craftsmanship seldom seen in modern homebuilding. PentaVia homes feature all that and more, designed and built to be safe, secure, smart, and exceptionally livable.

When you look beyond our intuitive designs, you’ll find unique touches, ranging from 2x6 wall studs and hurricane clips on your roof to foam encapsulated insulation for maximum strength and energy efficiency. Our homes are not just beautiful, they are strong enough to protect your family and smart enough to fit your future budget.

Enjoy PentaVia living, where homes are the foundation for life.


The Social Road is about designing homes around the art of communication and developing relationships.

When you first set foot in a PentaVia home, you’ll discover something different. So many other builders follow predictable designs: placing media rooms upstairs and focusing the living room on a giant TV, distracting and dividing families. However, our homes are designed to foster genuine interactions with real people doing life together.

In any home, the kitchen is the nerve center, the place where family and friends assemble to talk and pitch in as meals come together. Our designs accentuate togetherness by hiding living room TVs and moving media rooms closer to the kitchen, so that conversation will flow and the joyful sounds and savory aromas of holiday meals will summon guests to the table well before a “dinner’s ready” call is necessary.

PentaVia Custom Homes provide the perfect setting for flowing conversation, spontaneous laughter, and abiding memories for years to come.


The Intellectual Road is about designing a space to foster deeper thought and creative responses.

A home is more than a place to eat, sleep and clean. Properly designed and appointed, it is a fertile ground for the intellectual development of those who live within it. In an era where wasting hours in front of a video screen has become commonplace, PentaVia families aspire to something more: spurring on intellectual curiosity, a commitment to self improvement, and a quest for life-long learning.

Of course we create amazing spaces for dining and entertaining, but we also handcraft rooms and features that reflect your family’s unique interests and talents. Whether that’s a performance and rehearsal room with stage, lights, and microphones, a craft room, or a bedroom loft for dreamers and their imaginative journeys, we create homes that touch the heart, stimulate the mind, and pique your family’s curiosity.

Consider a home that combines exquisite physical comfort with dynamic intellectual stimulation and you have a home unlike any other: a PentaVia Custom Home.


The Emotional Road is about designing spaces for memories that will last a lifetime.

Architects and designers often emphasize how others will feel about your home talking about "curb appeal" and "sweeping view, but our starting point is much, much different. We care about the emotional reaction you and your family will have in those special moments that form the substance of cherished family memories.

Of course we analyze the flow of foot traffic and labor over where to put the mud room, but we also pay close attention to questions as simple as, “Where will you put the Christmas tree?”, and even more important, "How will Christmas present itself the moment the kids come down the stairs on Christmas morning?" Isn't that the memory you want to last a lifetime?

Your home should be designed to provide the perfect setting for those essential experiences in the flow of life that linger in your mind’s eye forever. As we prioritize those essential moments, walls begin to move and dimensions change, forming floor plans that reflect a uniquely integrated understanding of your life and aspirations.

In PentaVia Custom homes, life flows from room to room, day to day, and memory to memory.


The Personal Road is about creating a space that will challenge and encourage you personally.

PentaVia homes leverage technology and custom design to offer a degree of personalization that previously only existed in the imagination. Some would say, you don’t just live in a PentaVia custom home, it is an extension of your values and priorities, and empowers you to live the way you've always dreamed of living.

We create rooms tailored precisely to your desires: a safe room concealed by a book case, a "man cave" specially ventilated to remove cigar smoke, a sunlit meditation room, or a temperature controlled wine cellar.

We utilize state of the art technology to bring the house alive, using proximity-driven notifications on your phone, reminding you to mentor your kids as you pass their bedrooms or even guide your children’s media habits with integrated study materials presented before TV watching or game play.

PentaVia homes are more than houses. Through thoughtful integration of insightful design, superb materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and seamless integration, we create homes, memories, and relationships that will last a lifetime.


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